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There were a few words to describe Hamish, probably the best that is printable…repulsive. Not from a physical aspect, much worse, his inner self was oozing repulsiveness, no one, not even his family could stand the man. The only joy he experienced was when he knew he had created pain or suffering to another. NeverContinue reading “Bent”


He asked the bartender for another whiskey, another double whiskey. He rarely drank and when he did it was usually a white wine spritzer, however white wine spritzer did not fit the occasion. As head of the Hubble reconstruction team, he had spent the last five years personally overseeing the Wide Field Camera and CosmicContinue reading “Edge”


 Maggie really only had two things left in her life that gave her joy, one was the Lord, the other was Pete. It had not been that way in her early life, married to a corporate giant in the textile industry, she entertained and hobnobbed with the best of them and made many friends alongContinue reading “Ether”